Everything we do at Auto Caretakers is to ensure your vehicle gets what it deserves. Find out what our customers have to say about our services.

Vilas Pharande


Purchased a pair of MRF ZTX Tubeless Tyres with exxtra discounts and also got the wheel alignment done for free, with Auto Caretakers.

Anuj Potdar


Got an Insurance Quotation with better Vehicle IDV and a bit cheaper cost compared to my other quote

Vedant Kulkarni


I had renewed my two-wheeler insurance from Auto Caretakers. Got the best quotation available in the market with more benefits and the process was made ease. Cheers to the team who helped me through.



Very delighted with the consultancy service. The representative was patient and he helped me with all my queries.

Bharani Boddu


Had my two-wheeler insured via Auto Caretakers. Got the best quotation with very ease.

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